Bm7 Hero System

BM7 Hero makes the boldest statement and gives your bikes real presence with this premium display.

Hero  Make the boldest statement and give your bikes real presence with this premium display

 It's almost impossible to ignore a bike displayed on a Hero.

As it stands alone and dominant in your store or window it inevitably becomes the focus of attention for any browsing visitor.

 With its distinctly modern design and branded with your logo, the Hero will enhance any store, elevating and firmly holding any type of bike at eye level.


  • Focuses customer attention on a product of your choice
  • Enhances your brand identity
  • Contemporary design complements your shop or display

 To reduce shipping costs, most products are self-assembly yet are designed to make this simple, taking just a few minutes.

All BM7 products are made in the UK studio and constructed to exacting standards using only the best quality materials. Product shelves are coloursaturated exquire MDF while columns are extruded aluminium vinyl wrapped in satin black or brushed silver. 






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