SCS Carbon Saddle

Velocite SCS is a full carbon saddle utilizing patented soft carbon fiber layup.
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Manufacturer: Velocite

SCS stands for Soft Carbon Shell. The patented carbon layup used to make the Velocite SCS shell is indeed soft in comparison with the usual carbon fiber products that are effectively rigid. The naked, hard carbon saddles have a somewhat limited appeal since there isn’t that much margin for error in terms of fit and comfort. The hard carbon shell is either a comfortable shape for you or it is not. The allure of naked carbon shell saddles is their low weight, and in this aspect as well Velocite SCS does very well, but with minimal penatly to comfort. 

The deformable shell will accommodate more riders in greater comfort than previously possible for this type of naked carbon shell saddles. To further increase comfort and usability, the Velocite SCS has a perineal cutout that aids circulation which also makes it suitable for female riders, and it increases ventilation. 

The final and truly special feature that further increases the comfort of this saddle to beyond that of many standard padded saddles is that the carbon saddle rails are suspended on the leaf spring at the rear.


Construction: Soft carbon fiber monocoque shell, oval carbon rails
Size: 26cm x 13.5cm, 30mm stack height (centre of rail to top of saddle)
Weight: 113g

NoteWith all carbon fiber components it is very important to adhere to the recommended torque settings. Torque limits for all Velocite products are permanently marked on the products themselves.

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