Which Size for Me?

Selecting the correct size of the frame is very important to ensure the best comfort and performance. A reliable method for choosing a frame size that will work for you considers the following points:

  • What size bike frame do you currently use and that fits you well? The most important dimension is the length of the top tube, followed by the height of the head tube. Head tube height is important since we only allow up to 40mm space between the top of the head tube and the stem.
  • Are you a casual or competitive rider? Competitive riders generally use smaller sized frames since they can avoid using any spacers and achieve a more aerodynamic, lower position while achieving the same extension as when riding a larger frame in a more upright position. More upright position is more comfortable for most riders.
  • Seat tube height is not always relevant in determining the bike size. Some carbon frames have integrated custom carbon seat tubes that may require cut to size. A rider should be fitted by a qualified bike Pro fitter or shop for the best fit. In all of these examples looking at the seat tube length will not deliver a valid decision regarding a correct bike size. Most companies have moved to SM-M-X-XXL for size.
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